Cyprus might not be a travel destination that many people will think of when planning a vacation, but this blog is here to tell you that it should be. Even when people do think of Cyprus, the only things that come to mind seem to be lying on a beach or by a pool and nothing else. But there is so much more in Cyprus to see and do: it has fantastic scenery, tons of activities, and a great and historic culture to take in and explore. So if you ever are thinking of taking a trip to the Mediterranean, or want to take a beach vacation but also have access to fun activities and culture, Cyprus should be on your list.

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3 Reasons Why Cyprus is Great For Destination Weddings

First reason: it’s beautiful. Most people, when planning a destination wedding, want somewhere that’s picturesque and warm, and Cyprus offers all of that in spades. You can host your wedding on a beach with the ocean in the background, you can have it in a historic villa, you can have it with the mountains in the background, and so on. Do a search for picturesque scenery and locations in Cyprus and you can get tons of ideas and potential locations.

Second reason: you can combine your wedding with your honeymoon. Whether you just stay in Cyprus for your honeymoon or use it as a launching point for a trip somewhere else in the Mediterranean, you are in a hotspot for great vacations that are easily in reach: Italy, Greece, Spain, and the rest of Europe. The added bonus is that flights within Europe can be incredibly cheap. If you stay in Cyprus, there are romantic old harbors, ancient ruins and archaeological sites, great wine villages and vineyards, and old churches and mosques from the Middle Ages. For activities, you can go hiking, swimming, diving, boat rides, fishing, and so on.

Third reason: it can be cheap relative to other wedding destinations, especially if you use an experienced wedding planner to organize everything. I wouldn’t recommend using a travel agent or company as I’ve heard some bad things about their organization and communication, and they tend to try and book you on more expensive things. You don’t have to have your ceremony or reception in the hotel, you can book it at a beach or other public area for cheaper. Pretty much every taverna (name for a small Greek restaurant or cafĂ©) on the island will host and cater your reception for not that much, and it will include great local food and wine.